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There are so many well thought out features unavailable on any other vehicle, I don't know where to start. Suffice it to say that if Rover hadn't stopped building the classic Def, their 2022 model would be pretty dated by comparison. IMHO.
There are lots of reasons a mfg can't reco non-standard size wheels/tires, liability issues prob the biggest.
It's funny that they refer to the inverter feature as a power take off. Not your father's pto, that's for sure.
Again, positive references are made to the comfortable ride. Hopefully that will make it into production. It's not hard to set up 2 prototypes to ride "just so" off-pavement only. The old Def's ride was best among live axle trucks on/off pavement.


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The old Def's ride was best among live axle trucks on/off pavement.
The RRC LWB is pretty decent as well and the seating position better imho. Just seems to be more room than what I had in either the 90 or 110. For the most part the RRC on coils, D1, and the Defenders were pretty much the same suspension wise.


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They updated the config tool. You can now paint the front end red or orange. If you want to.

They also added contrast paint for the rear door.


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I’m not a fan of the wide tires, but the height in these seems just perfect to me. First real modification of any type that I’ve seen.

BTW, this was part of a training day in SA for the sales people for upcoming deliveries



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not my style either, but good to see a different setup. I'm sure the Jeep guys will want their wheels back after testing. :LOL:

I'm torn between wheels but currently stuck on the steelie 18's. That's the defender owner in me talking, but open to others. Likely would like to see some compomotive style or some EVO Corse. Im sure there will be options once it's out.


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If the Grenadier isn't a good tow vehicle, Ineos will have missed a big part of their "Defender and then some" design brief.
Walking with the Wounded sounds like a worthy charity. Their graphic caught my interest. Had to check why Nordic skiing towing a sled featured on a Grenadier in the desert.