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I'm personally a MK19 kind of guy ;), but figured it worth a discussion about the ineos version as I didn't see any other threads here.

Update to OP since the site is live.

Key Features (from PR)

Form follows function – and capability is the priority
A 4x4 with purpose should always look like a proper 4x4 Grenadier has been designed to be ‘easy-to-read’ with a clear, unambiguous ‘purpose’

• Grenadier will be comfortable, meeting the expectations of the 21st century consumer for equipment levels and safety systems

• Balance of proportions has been achieved because there are no limitations dictated by an old platform: we started from scratch and there is no compromise on any angle

• Personalisation is a key requirement for our customers The Grenadier will be able to fulfil the core functions of a utilitarian 4x4, but it’s a
vehicle that we want to become ‘part of the family’ It’s been designed as a blank canvas for accessories, so customers can tailor the
Grenadier to their (evolving) requirements

• ‘Open source’ has been a key theme, for interior as well as exterior design A wide range of accessories will be available from INEOS, but we also want Grenadier owners to incorporate their existing kit into their new vehicle, and for third-party producers to develop a range of compatible accessories

• The belt lines are functional – bump strips on the doors, or an optional ‘utility belt’ to the doors and rear body, to attach loads or accessories like a jerry can

• The rear of the Grenadier is practical as well as visually striking The small rear door opens first to enable easy loading and unloading of smaller items The rear ladder can be fitted to aid access to the roof, and its design means it is aligned with the shut lines of the tailgate The Grenadier can accommodate a Euro pallet

• Exterior wiring, with exit points to the front and the rear of the roof, is included as standard; this allows easy access for powering auxiliary lamps, work lamps or beacons

• Round lamps at the front and rear imply the strength of a solid tube running from front to back; the centre auxiliary lamps (included as standard) are integrated into the design The front lamps are the same units on the left and the right, making service and parts availability easier; similarly the rear lamps are a common unit

• Front fenders that you can sit on

• Roof bars and roof strips to enable loads to be mounted and secured directly without a roof rack (but of course a roof rack can be easily added)

• Storage box on the rear side is accessible from the exterior for grubby, smelly kit

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Certainly shrouded in its share of mystery. Timing I think will be key. If the new Defender demand is strong and Land Rover Slovakia can deliver a decent product I have doubts another knockoff will do too well. They still have US safety and emissions standards to prove/meet. Seems like a long way away.


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I doubt the Grenadier will be sold in the US. I imagine it will fill the void that Land Rover is leaving for commercial and military use.
All the boxes in the world being checked can be ruined by poor aesthetic. I will not get excited for this or any of the other electric 4x4 vehicles until I see the production model in person.
That's all good stuff. If the 3D model is accurate, decent length 4 link front and rear. Front, highish mount steering arm. Rear springs look to be inboard of the frame which is good for articulation.


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Round Headlamps, zero aerodynamic styling, real bumpers, tow hooks, elevated roof.

Just need it to be reasonably priced, COVID paycheck to end, and my wife be on vacation while I take delivery. 👍
I’m struggling a bit to imagine the US suv/Offroad market warming up to this vehicle. I’m also struggling to understand what exactly is the problem their trying to solve? What I hear them say is their mission is to provide the strongest purpose-built vehicle that will be more reliable but provide the creature comforts the public demands today. I wonder how big they think that void is and what percentage of that population is going to be jump ship? How they navigate through the maze of internet minefield of naysayers and survive will be painful to watch.
I’m struggling a bit to imagine the US suv/Offroad market warming up to this vehicle.

Who cares? Does it matter if US sales are high? They are trying to build a useful vehicle that will be used, not one for the soccer mom.
Who cares? Does it matter if US sales are high? They are trying to build a useful vehicle that will be used, not one for the soccer mom.
I don’t know many who do care. I don’t care either I just find it an interesting topic that I think many, here especially, may have an opinion on or interest discussing. Does it matter if the US sales are high? Yes, it matters to investors and future owners.