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I am a new member, so apologies if I am not doing this correctly. I am looking for a set of Zu alloys or Mach 5's for a 1993 Defender 90 and someone suggested you might have a set. Would that be true?


Hello, I am curious about your bonnet insulation. Did you notice much sound reduction while driving? Could you advise where you purchased your speedometer. I am down here in Portland, I am sure we will cross paths one of these days. Thanks Chris
Hi Chris! It could totally be a placebo effect, but I feel there was a reduction in engine noise after the installation. Even if not, it makes me smile every time I open the hood. Highly recommended!

The speedo was a gift from our builder, I think he sourced it from Bearmach.

I would love to connect with you sometime. We’ll prob head down to Astoria this fall, depending on the COVID situation.

If you are inquiring anout the Chevy 250, the engine is quiet enough that you can't hear it.
VDO has spedos FS.
Hi there! I'm interested in your Defender ladder.

What do you think it might cost to ship to Montana? If you have a Fastenal nearby that could be an option - I've had good luck with them in the past with larger stuff.