What have you done to your DEFENDER today?


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While working on my wife's Mercedes CDI, I showed off a bit to a friend by starting the truck for the first time in over a month, 50 degrees in the garage, no glow plugs. ...hey, it's the little things that count.


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Classic look! I roll with the same wheels.
I swapped out my rear hubs today as part of the disc brake conversion. I didn't take any pictures so it didn't actually happen. Packing bearings by hand is a freaking mess, gloves or not.
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I waterproofed my canvas, weather was good for it.


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I did. Do they help manage engine temps at all? Having had it for a summer now, did you notice anything?

Yours is a 4.6 with air-conditioning, right?

They were in the truck when I bought it. It also had a 4.6 in it when I bought it. What I have found with Defenders is that the majority of them are fine with a 4.6 and stock cooling system, but some require an increased cooling capacity. I have a 4 or 5 core radiator (bought it used) and a RRC 11 blade fan. I can idle 5 miles for an hour on my way home from work with my a/c on in the middle of summer and it never runs warm.

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Wow, that roll cage is burly. Looking good. Wish I had one of those kits for winter camping in the 110.


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I got half a snorkel installed. I'm waiting on parts so I can fabricate the wing top portion.


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