What have you done to your DEFENDER today?


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Super easy and a great opportunity to replace the plastic tracks if needed and get them tinted while they are disassembled.


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I believe the riveted wheels originally used inner tubes but people now run them with tubeless tires without issue.
Is there a major difference between Welded or Riveted?

Some tire shops will refuse to mount or seriously scoff at you without tubes if they are riveted. That said, if you do it and they hold air, you shouldn't have a problem. If they don't hold air then you probably need to do something around the rivets e.g. weld over them or put some sort of sealer.
Gotcha. Thanks

Just curious. I might be tire shopping in 2017 and didn't know if I should change out the rims or not. I was thinking of going aluminum originally but steel seems like a better value anyway.
Three days after putting my Land Rover into winter storage, it's out and driving around again.
This happened because a drunk hit my wife's car and total it yesterday morning.
I took advantage of the balmy Chicago weather, removed the center console and reset the Service Engine Light.
Well, Mr Fedex arrived with a few spare ignition parts for my hoarding facility. :)
As we took a trip to a tow yard to clear out SWMBO's car that was totalled a few days ago.


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Installed Puma seats and the Exmoor acoustic matting.
Seats, easy peasy
Matting, total PITA


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