What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

I started taking the 2nd row seats and related bits out. I thought the seat pan bolts would be the hardest but they are easier than the tiny screws holding other brackets.
Threw a rubber mat into the rear. Going to let it settle in before sticking it down. Tomorrow, its back to the long delayed A bar and driving lights.


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After having a set for a while the only thing I really liked was the size. Don't get me wrong, traction was great, but they are so loud!

The only other tire I would want would be a Michelin XZL 8.25R16 which would probably be worse since you can only buy them used and also because they are Michelin XZLs.


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Changed the thermostat on my 300Tdi today, a 20 minute job. The less the a year old thermostat was missing a chunk of gasket inside so the engine would never warm up. Now I'm rolling at 188 according to my VDO temp gauge. Next up is fixing the no heat issue. I'm pretty sure the fan motor needs to be replaced.
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Hooked a trailer to it.


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