What have you done to your Defender today?

El Pinchi

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Installed my newly powder coated safety devices roof rack and MOMO Jet steering wheel. Looks great!

Also just got my new stickers I had made in matte black and glossy white. Every guy loves stickers👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


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Uncle Douglas

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Sprayed/sealed the bare metal underside of my 110 tub with uphol bed liner. I have the steel ribs removed (had them galvanized) and it is my hope the polyurethane bed liner will eliminate any chance of the disimilar metal corrosion all of these 110 tubs seems to suffer because LR cheaped out. Had the tub blasted with ground glass to shiny bare metal then treated it with Alodine. Plan is to rivet the galvanized stiffeners back on but place thin nylon washers in between the two surfaces to further insure isolation. Experimenting for the panacea with my own truck.


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I swapped out my PWDA valve today and then rebuilt the old one. As it turns out the internal piston was stuck in place which is what was causing my issues. My buddy stripped it, cleaned it and reassembled it and it now functions like it should. I'll swap it back in when the BritParts unit fails. I know but they were the only choice that I could find.



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Saw a pristine 97 NAS wheel show up on Ebay for nearly free Tuesday morning, naturally bought it.So, installed that when it showed up. That was the last thing to swap to make my interior 100% civilian from the MOD interior.

Though, I am still stalling on pulling the Wolf Whee land Tyre decal off the binnacle.



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Finally installed new steering box, rear shocks, heater core coolant hoses (one had a pin hole leak from getting too close to turbo.)

Steering box was a bit of a pain because of the weight and it was covered in grime from leaking for years, plus I was installing it solo. If there is a next time m, it will be a more of a breeze though!

Next is a deep clean of interior and then front shocks and springs all around!


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Drivers side Garrison sliding window rattle kit and new alpine window seal. No more gunked up sliding windows, no more rattle.

Doing the passenger side this weekend.