What have you done to your DEFENDER today?


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I'm afraid to pull my fuse block to see what the PO did with some of the splicing. But I'd like to add some circuits to the spare fuse positions.
Agreed! I am not a fan of splices and vampire taps. so far didnt 'really' find any - but all electrical issues have been bad switches (hazards) and bad grounds. There were some mixed up wiring in the rear...and bad bulb seats. The PO had not really done anything electrical - but for center console / radio area - I really had no idea where the browns, whites, purples were coming from. I assumed most were sharing the purple cigarette link...but there were unknowns. Now I know where my feeds are coming from. The dash/binnacle area will be next...I have gotten quite intimate with the haynes wiring schematics


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What brand mirror is that and where did you get it? Looks like it is not the type that slips over the existing mirror?
It is not, I picked it up on Aliexpress quite a while ago. There are loads all over fleabay, Amazon and Aliexpress. The price has shot up on these as well since I bought mine. Like 100% or more In the past 18 months. (I paid $125 Cdn) Also so far its working perfectly. 👍🏻
Good luck



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Found this…



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Ive got a set of polybushes I installed in 2004 that look great after 100k miles and a set I installed in 09 that look like crap after 2000 miles. It sounds great to not press in bushings but they’re too inconsistent for me.


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It seems that some of the poly bushings are deteriorated by petroleum products. Sounds strange for a car part, i know. When I put poly bushings in my truck (I have the orange ones, wish they were black!) I only used silicone grease to keep them from squeaking. Six years later and they are still good.


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Just getting to see my truck after another run to SC was great. I’ve done 4500 miles in last five weeks. Can’t fly as I’m always taking the chainsaw and other tools with me.


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Well, this past weekend I did a thing, or two..
Dusted off some old parts to mate to the cleaned and painted galv parts. Really got into the important work of the weekend after installing,
  • Boomslang headlamp harness, (highly recommend this one, makes the headlamps from the power of at least one candle, into two candles!)
  • Installed and mated the freshly built 200tdi to the gearbox,
  • Plumbed it all together,
  • rebuilt the UJ's and installed the prop shafts
  • made a wiring loom for the new spotlights
  • mounted a shovel on the wingtop..
  • and finally put my winch bumper/ brownchurch bar on (sans winch at the moment)
21-07-17 12-15-37 4587.jpg

21-07-17 15-48-21 4589.jpg

21-07-18 10-51-52 4590.jpg

21-07-19 20-54-15 4594.jpg

Oh.. And FINALLY DROVE IT AFTER A YEAR of having it parked up for the engine rebuild. I missed this thing!


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I love your place of work.
Yeah, It’s tougher to sneak in during the summer, but yeah, it is pretty great.
They were nice enough to leave one bay open for me during construction.

Its funny, one of my old bosses who use to give me a bit of a hard time about working on my truck, called me yesterday and asked me to help fix his car. (He’s move up the ladder a few steps)
When we were done, I said, aren’t you glad you let me hone my mechanics skills back in the day!


  • Boomslang headlamp harness, (highly recommend this one, makes the headlamps from the power of at least one candle, into two candles!
Do you mind explaining where you connected the Boomslang red fuse wire and ground wires? My fuse wire doesn't seem long enough to reach the battery.


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Do you mind explaining where you connected the Boomslang red fuse wire and ground wires? My fuse wire doesn't seem long enough to reach the battery.
yeah no problem, on mine I mounted the relays behind the LH headlamp, and the blue wire (to the fuse) up over the fender liner and down the chassis rail (avoiding the hot stuff / Turbo) and then into the battery box under the LH seat. From there I put the fused red wire direct to the battery terminal.

Alternatively you could probably run the posititve to the back of the alternator.

For the ground I rand it direct to the same ground as the others on the LF wheel arch liner (mine are pretty fresh and galved but its a solid ground.

the RH headlamp loom follows the brake line across the front chassis cross member (110's run the brake line there and 90's are up around the bulkhead, no idea why)

I would say it puts out more light, but more than that its not taking all the power through the switches on the steering column and I like that a lot better.

John Z

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Replaced front differential, then needed a front ujoint cause I had a vibration at 30+ mph. Ofcourse I cracked the driveshaft when swapping so was able to get a replacement (borrow) from a local shop(outback garage in Bayshore long island) to get me back on the road.




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removed the 2AWG winch power cable from the starter...(n)
4' ground cable too from the lashing eye bolt. It was nicely bunched up near the radiator.
Warn 9.5XP maxes at 480amps. Battery cable on NAS V8 is laughable at best, maybe also 2AWG.

*bonus (or maybe not) it looks like the winch was never used other than to do a terrible spool job. likely why it never caught fire.