What's your day job?


Bunch of years in the automotive industry mostly in acquisition and most recent stint on executive team for large franchise auto group. Left and started an automotive consulting firm that specializes in coaching, training and profit improvement and also do a fair amount of sourcing used inventory for dealerships. Side hustle bringing in defenders since 2007ish


Former life- Golf pro who made no money but somehow still owned a running land rover discovery
Current life- Career FF for the city I live in carrying on the fire service tradition that runs 3 generations deep. Should've done it years ago, best job in the world!


I recently started a business as an auto-broker, connecting buyers and sellers etc. Getting involved with defenders now, as I've always loved them, and for the average person it's easy to be screwed by someone selling a vin swapped car, so I can help find a good, legitimate example and make the process easier.
It keeps me busy, helps pay for college and makes the tiniest, most minuscule dent in the costs of my racing career.


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US Nuclear Navy for 26 years. Currently Commanding Officer of the USS ILLINOIS. Love my job, love my family, love my Rover. And yes, sometimes my priorities get skewed. Not to get too sappy, but the love my Rover thing has become more about the community and what everyone here does for each other - Great group of people.


13 years of teaching, now I supervise the instructional tech folks. I get all the toys first, so I have the best job. I am 3-D printing at the moment. :)


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Air Force C-130 pilot and squadron commander...
Caught the bug when I bought my ‘94 NAS from LR Peabody in ‘96 and now my LR family numbers three with the ‘10 FS SC and ‘94 LWB.

Best memories are leading trips for LR Colorado Springs with my ‘94 ST and my buddy’s ‘95 SW as cadets, sweat equity for Rockware parts from ‘98-‘00, and meeting Johnathan Tisdale right after he got his white 90/staying friends until he passed.
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Really cool seeing what we all do!
I’m a mining engineer of 15 years both underground and open pit. And no gold rush Alaska isn’t how real companies do it (safety & environmental wise). Not to say it’s fake, but it only represents a couple percent of the annual domestic gold production. And also that’s not how the mining industry operates today.


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LOL, Gold Rush. I know several of the original guys on that show. Not like friends, but have been in same circles since high school, actually lived with the family of one of them for a few months, and went to school with the family as well.


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Former US Navy EM2 (Electrician's Mate 2nd class) for 5 years. Currently 12 years onboard the USNS Mercy as the lead network engineer. Although I wear many hats onboard the ship, everything from dealing with the battery backups and running cables to ship to shore radios and satellite communications. When I'm not underway I also have a small welding/fabrication business on the side.