What's your day job?


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Too many years on the Claims end of the property and casualty side of the insurance industry, before rebooting a decade ago to sales of personal, business, life and health insurance. Running my own office.
I'm very interested in digging into the old Land Rover insurance issues that people talk about from time to time.


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work for Burt's Bees, Natural Personal Care company out of Durham NC. live in Minneapolis but i work with the field team all over the country so can live anywhere across the US.


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Sr Electrical Engineer and Department Manager for an Electromagnetic Compatibility / Interference Dept of a commercial certification test laboratory. Ten years as a electrical design engineer before that.
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chris snell

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It's hard to describe what I do. I build infrastructure for the Internet. I work for a Silicon Valley tech company remotely from Kansas.


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Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist most of the time. ICU physician when cardiac surgeons are burn out. Love doing 3D echocardiography.
Can run the Heart Lung Machine when the cardiac perfusionist has explosive diarrhea or has to empty his bladder in long cases.
Would love to be a decent Land Rover doctor.
I appreciate averyone in this forum sharing your insight and experience on these wonderful machines and educating me