What's your day job?


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Figured with so many people in so many places doing so many different things, it would be cool to know what your day job is.

I'm an IT manager for a manufacturing company and generally a pretty much a tech junkie. Also recently retired Army Signal Officer, CW2 after 21 years.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need some IT support. Happy to help board members any way I can.
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High school teacher. U.S. History, and AP European History. In the past I've taught literature and language arts, history through film, street law, and even 8th grade health........ eww....

There's a certain irony in a guy who does IT, is a tech junkie, and drives a Defender.


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HVAC business W/sheet metal shop - Started in 1981 for my grandfather. He retired & closed shop when I was in the USMC. Fabricator, installer, service tech for other shops until starting my own 10 years ago. Unfortunately, knowing all aspects of this trade means I can't keep my hands off & just let my guys do it. I work too much - This is why progress on my 110 takes so long - My wife books vacations so she can see me.


Professional Land Surveyor/ Retired Director of Surveying Services for a mid sized Civil Engineering firm.

Uncle Douglas

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Former life-mortgage backed securities banker for 28yrs- 2008 ended that career path. Most of that time was with Chase and AIG in NYC.

Current life-vehicle import service and Land Rover restoration/modification shop. Base of operations is a working 78 acre cattle farm
in the rolling foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

Part of the deal is an 1805 farmhouse built by Scottish settlers that after 205 yrs needed someone like me to step in and save it.
Shop is a large 1950 cinder block gambrel roofed former dairy barn. The upstairs haymow is now shelving and pallet racking full of rover parts.
My 24 yr old son Trey bought in to the dream/vision/passion after he graduated high school and lives and works with me side by side.
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Former Life - Sr. Facility Manager for 16 years, dealing mostly with services, continuous improvement, and the administrative side of keeping 1 million square feet of mixed use manufacturing, engineering and office space running (maintenance schedule and planning). Some have called me a project manager.
Currently - unemployed. Hitting the road for a couple (few) months, camping the Western US, and enjoying being "freelance". Randomly looking for the right area and the "right thing" that is fulfilling.


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Former life - 18 years as a commercial real estate appraiser in the Denver Metro area
Current- Retired and living on 16 acres in the mountains outside Asheville. Spend my days wandering around. If it is sunny and warm I am outside. If it is cold I am inside.


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Software Delivery Manger. I have a team of delivery managers for internal clients and services for a large communications company.


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Corporate tax consulting, primarily for US outbound companies with sales/distribution, manufacturing and/or service operations outside the US. I also manage a few residential and vacation home rental properties.
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