GM/Chevy 250 Conversion in 90/110/130


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Hmmm...silence from wife, how to interpret???

Just don't let her read that 2nd sentence in post #40...may be misconstrued!🤔


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The engine is very quiet and powerful enough to keep up with or lead in traffic.
I am going to install AC and a radio because now we can hear it.

Out in Oregon there should be some cheap Chevy 250s you could get into for a very small investment, then prep everything so you can do the work yourself over 1 weekend or 2 (once you have everything prepped and ready to install).
On our 110 I converted, routed the fuel lines and then used the sniper high pressure fuel pump to empty the diesel because the fuel tank was only 4 months old and didn't contain any sludge having never been run on veg.

Someone will likely buy your 300TDI engine and transmission for about what the entire conversion will cost you.
Then they will install the 300TDI and you can easily pass them with your Chevy 250 under any driving condition!
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