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    What have you done today to your LAND ROVER (Non Defender)

    Replaced a leaky p seal. And fixed an oil leak from the turbo return line. Found it was put on without a gasket.
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    Stock front differential 10 spline

    Front differential removed from a 1988 110 for rebuild. Approx. 130k miles on it. $100
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    I have a set of new genuine ones for sale. Although you can get the aftermarket brands for a lot less.
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    Rear Brake Upgrade

    If you have the Defender parts catalog it lists all the parts you need for a stock bolt on option. A bit more money but no guesswork involved. I
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    Instant Karma

    Looks like they got em :)
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    Ignition switch

    It’s yours. Thanks
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    Ignition switch

    I changed over the ignition switch in my 1988 110 to a later type so the key matches the doors. Does anyone want or need the old one for a spare? Has two keys and worked fine. 10 bucks shipped.
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    Anyone have a scrap right front door?

    I would have a go at repairing that one first. You would need to weld on a new piece anyway.
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    Tach bulb removal

    Looks like it just pulls out. Could it be just stuck?
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    SP4x4 Puma Doors!/1235 Here is a link to the online parts catalog I got from Doug.
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    SP4x4 Puma Doors

    Just a quick update on these doors. I have ordered all the parts to go with them and it was just over 4K. Most of it was from LRdirect and the glass and some other misc. parts from RN. Oh yeah that does not include the door cards:( But they are nice :)
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    Crank up window help

    Spray WD40 down the guides. Worked on mine:)
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    SP4x4 Puma Doors

    I picked up set of the puma doors from SP4x4 today that we ordered a couple months ago. Well worth the wait IMO. The only reason it took so long was a delay getting one of them from Land Rover. They had a couple shipping options and we chose to pick them up at the airport which was considerably...
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    Phone Mount Options

    I use the Ram mounts with the surface mounting plate. I drilled and tapped a piece of aluminum and made a backing plate then screwed it through the vent holes. It's pretty sturdy and no drilling required.
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    Phone Mount Options

    Pro clip lists a mount on their UK site. I have not seen the defender version but I do have one in my F150 work truck and it's really nice, rock solid.