What have you done to your DEFENDER today?


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Installed new OE radius arm bushes. PITA lying in your back under thr truck but easily doable.



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Drove in the pouring rain... Found a few more leaks past seals on the rear sides. Oh the joy. I know I need to get in there and replace the seals but it is a bit of a job to do so....
If you have no plans to remove the sides seal them up. I have done this to all my Land Rovers over the years. Works great.



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New hinges. One of the most satisfying fixes I've made. So nice to be able to close the door with two fingers instead of having to slam it or lift up on the handle to compensate for worn hinges.

For those of you considering this - do it. Not nearly as hard as it may seem. I did have to drill out a couple screws but they came out pretty easy once the heads were off.

A couple notes: Do one hinge at a time. All the adjustment is in the bulkhead side of the hinge. Install those screws snug but not tight, adjust your door fit, then tighten. I've never done this before on any vehicle and it went back together super easy and closes nice and smooth. Also, when you order your hinges get some spare fir tree fasteners for the door panels. I always break a couple taking them off. (As a rule, if its plastic and I have to take it off to repair something else, I plan on it breaking during the removal process.) Maybe also replace the strikers. Mine were pretty beat up because the door was sagging.