What have you done to your DEFENDER today?


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Under the I’m not finding the time to do it confession new WP and Allisport radiator... Top hose took a little figuring out but I think once it’s clamped down, refilled etc we’ll be good.
Looks like you have a little too much hose on the radiator input. Trim a little from that may relieve the bend a bit at the water pump And where it starts to try and expand at the radiator bend from being pushed too far on. Hard to tell from my phone. Your call, of course!


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Looks like you have a little too much hose on the radiator input. Trim a little from that may relieve the bend a bit at the water pump. Your call, of course!

That was a test fit before trimming
If you order a V8 radiator from Allisport, make sure you specify the inlet design. NAS has straight inlet. Older 3.5 have an elbow. I didn’t know until after the fact.

Ordered a few hoses to make sure I found the right one...I don’t trust images on web sites and there are plenty of V8 Defender hoses out there. Picture shows part number that worked


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Dan kemper

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Finally started diving back into the 110. Recently Swapped in a 100 amp alternator. Welded up cracks in rear door. Pulled on the interior out of the load space. One rusty safety device foot to deal with. Refurbishing jump seats, rewiring for sound. Tomorrow cleaning up all the adhesive residue and then laying down new black exmoor carpet and build out.... then on to new dash and ac!


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I did finish installing my Melvill & Moon deluxe seat covers though I took terrible terrible pictures of them. I’m a huge fan of the leather piping and reinforcement patch at the outside seatbase.


John Z

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Today was a busy today, installed an arb compressor under the seat in the GFs 2dolr Wrangler and installed the exmoor flooring and seat box cover.
This was more of a pita than I thought it would be.


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For a second I thought we had a shitter pipe snorkel red-alert on our hands! I assume there's some way to quickly disconnect it so the bonnet opens? How hot does that pipe get? Any issue with exhaust recirculating due to being piped straight back and getting caught in the backdraft?
Quick release v bands . It gets hot !

No issue with exhaust, last one was body exit just 3 feet lower.


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Put a bunch of road miles on my 90. Great to see just how well the radiator sheds heat. The electric fans only come on if you’re stopped for some time.
Most surprising (cos I hadn’t thought about it), loosing the viscous fan releases a bunch of ponies and the truck feels much peppier. Quieter to.
It will get an off road test in two weeks. For now, I’m a convert to electric fans.


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Yesterday I rolled my 90 out of the garage for the first drive in 6 months. What started as a timing belt change on my 200tdi, turned into A LOT of repairs and upgrades. Granted I could have finished faster, but during the time I also wrangled the 2 kids while my wife and I work from home full time, dealt with a dying dog, adopted a new dog, partially finished my basement, had the holidays and bought a 2a 109 that needed minimal work to keep it driving. Having a Rover with a stereo and cup holders feels space age!
No need to feel bad; I spent 7 years telling myself "I'll get to it some day" until we were moving and my wife insisted I either sell it, or tow it somewhere to have it fixed. 😂

Dan kemper

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I am going through my annual deep dive into the 110. Refinishing all of the rear seat hardware, scraped adhesive off the rear floor for 3-4 hours and took care of some minor corrosion in preparation for laying down new carpet.


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I got those two backing plates into the rear cross-member quite easily. It's an NAS truck but it's on a new (painted) galv frame - so it had all of the holes and relatively easy back-side access to get them in. The only challenge that I ran into is that the bottom hinge bolt is too long to fully tighten (or even close to fully-tighten). It runs into the NAS rear step. I could have inverted the bolt if I had thought about it prior to securing the lower bracket. Probably going to cut about 1/3" off of the end of that bolt to allow it to fit without contacting the step.
Did you have the same issues with getting the sleeve in the crossmember on the bottom bracket that I did?