Silicone Hose Kits - Which to get?


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Thanks for the tip on Stoney Racing. Just ordered the LHD heater box hoses that Silicon Hoses didn't have back when I ordered the rest. Also ordered silicone for the crankcase breather, just so I'm matchy-matchy.

Now if I could only find a silicone version of the bleed hose:
I got my bleed hoses from Allisport along with a turbo, intake, and coolant kit.
then I noticed my 300tdi had a 3 way brass splitter instead of the OEM thingy for the bleed pipe assy so then I ordered the Proline kit from RN, cut Off the hoses that came with them and attached the ones from Allisport.... crazy I know.


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That’s great, but last time I ordered from Allisport, it took a year and a half (maybe longer….) to get my product. Great products but horrible, worst-of-breed customer service.