Silicone Hose Kits - Which to get?


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Ive seen some discussion around the turbo piece of hose kits, but not much on coolant. I see Allisport has a kit, as well as DPHSport which both look quite nice. Anyone have experience with these, any others? I know it's 4x the price of good rubber, but not sure what good rubber is on these at this point. Any opinions/experience welcome. I may go with turbo as well while im at it, just didnt plan on $300 to replace a soon to be leaky coolant hose. TIA.

*I am partial to black hose as I do not want it to stand out really.

I like that this kit has mechanical fasteners for the the split off hoses (for whatever reason) and specifically make their stuff in house. But it's costly.


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I had such a horrible time with my last Allisport order that I am hesitant to recommend them to anybody. Their product is excellent but they take forever to ship anything. I had better luck with these guys:


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I appreciate the info, as stated above I am specifically looking for coolant hoses.

I'm down to this...
Allisport - $245 shipped, no clamps

Roose Performance - $245 shipped w/ clamps
(they have oe matte black w/ is cool but it's $50 more than gloss black)

DPH Sport - $212 + ship, but they also carry the rest of the hoses for intercooler, breather, and heater matrix. Might ask for a quote on the whole vehicle kit.


Rovahfarm - $150 for all coolant hoses plus a bunch of other stuff i can use regarding cooling and heat. But leaning towards doing it once and never again.


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If you're considering DPH and want a no-bling hose they offer the classic look...
View attachment 13799

I have an email out to them. Hopefully they offer that finish in the kits. Roose has the same but price keeps going up. appreciate the info.


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I've been running the DPH hoses for over a year, clearances can be a little tight with the extra fittings but the fittings do allow you to replace single hoses in the event of failure.

Some of the hoses seems better than others, that said, they are silicon and seem to be holding up well after a year so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them (especially for the price)


I bought the Stoney Racing silicone coolant hoses with the spring clamps. Only issue during the install is that the spring clamp was too big to fit on the thermostat housing bleed line fitting. Other than that no leaks and the quality seemed good. All stamped with their logo.

Since the previous owner incorrectly installed my 300 Tdi in the 200 Tdi location, I have to use custom intake hoses and some custom coolant lines. I bought my intake hose pieces from and custom coolant hoses from No problem with either one.