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Sweet 90 in Crested Butte, CO. In town for a few days at my wife's old home town for an art festival.

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Passed a nice LandRover 110 heading down Western Blvd in Jacksonville, NC. Who is the other 110 in J?ville? Couldn?t get a snapshot while driving myself.


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Saw this at the Icona hotel in Avalon, NJ over the weekend. Ironically there is another one that looks very much the same 3 blocks away. At first I thought it was the same truck. Wonder if the 2 owner crossed paths.



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Saw 2 90s in Crested Butte. The RHD blue '88 and a Coniston Green NAS soft top at the Umbrella Bar.20180806_153426.jpeg

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Series in what I thought was an impound lot in Medford, OR., but nah, it must just be waiting for its owner.

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My truck finally made it all the way from Hawaii. The shipping tie downs probably killed what?s left of the front suspension, but those old KM1s from 2004 held
Out and didn?t lose a bead at 12 Psi.
Time for new water pump, steering rods and suspension bits.

Glad to be out of Hawaii. Such a jacked up state on several levels