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Ok, some of the older crowd will remember Jonathan Tisdale.
He had a very nice D90 with some slick custom stuff.
I did not know him personally but by all accounts, he was a hell of a 4-wheeler.
A brain tumor took him too early 7 years ago.

My next door neighbor was his aunt.
They were in Charlotte visiting his dad last weekend.
He still drives Jonathan's 90. :)

Oh wow... Time flies. I remember him. I spoke with him a few times and seemed to be a great guy. RIP.


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Monday July 2 around 6:00 pm...bright orange 110 on St. Armand's Circle near Sarasota, FL.

Was at able to get pics.

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Spotted a White NAS 90 parked out front of the Rusty Nail in Cape May, NJ. on July 5th.

I didn't get a chance to see the # on the back.

chris snell

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Saw a white ROW 110 with Texas plates driving out of Telluride yesterday. Anyone here?


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My wife and daughter apparently spotted a white convertible 4 door defender in Stone Harbor on Friday... and it wasn't the one in our driveway. It drove away before they could get a pic.


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Some sighting from northern Italy and Switzerland.
Lots of 110s in Switzerland with only seeing only two 90s in zurich area, while in Italy it was the opposite with seeing only three 110s (2 in milan and one in bologna) with lots of 90s

Swiss 110 Pickup

Bologna military 90

Bologna military 90

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