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It's one of the only cars I really enjoy looking back at after I park and walk away...... if you can't say that about the vehicle you're driving then what's the point?! :)

I wholeheartedly agree. What I came to realize was I was in love with owning it, and loved looking at it, but using it was a different story and that was the straw.

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The wife and I will take the 90 to the grocery store or the pet store and I really do stop and look back... and say doesn't it look great?!
She will laugh but she agrees with me.... every single time.

I'm sure people who drive early 911s do the same thing. LOL



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I'm with you RBBailey... feeling down about my 110... I'll think... oh... I'll get the new Defender, sell the 110 and get an '88 to tow to events... that was yesterday... today I brought a package of parts to ship and be plated... I'm on the forums... thinking positively... the thought pops into my head... I'll just get a galvy frame for the 110... I can do it! It's like a battle of wills between man and machine. Even when my '91 RRC was 6/7 years old with 51k on the clock... I was handing the keys over to my service department quite a bit. I gave that truck whatever it needed. Even in period, they needed TLC.
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I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one between worlds. I love the old school Series and Defender, and I’m getting excited about doing the RRC... but I’ve always been a sucker for new technology.

I did manage to actually use the Defender on a quick camping trip last night. Fish were caught. The truck did not break. And the road was so rough that I only averaged 8 mph over the course of 20 miles without any challenge that ever caused my wheels to spin even without ever locking the diff. Lots of rocks.



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I totally get where you are. My 98 D1 300TDI is my weekend family fun vehicle when trips don’t require a lot of interstate runs. It does great on the interstate until I hit a prolonged grade increase...

My GMC Canyon Diesel is my long trip family vehicle. Which, by the way, is great for that and will be until my 9 year old gets much bigger. My pretend D90/Series (Santana) is a just me car for infrequent trips and wrenching on. I chose the Santana originally as opposed to a D90 due to the low cost for a comparable vehicle. I figured it would give me enough of a “taste” of those kinds of vehicles without the larger financial commitment. My thought was if I really liked the Santana I’d get a D90 later. Well, I do like the Santana and am still considering getting a D90, but I don’t like it enough to really motivate me to get a D90. (If I have angered anyone comparing a Santana to D90, here is my disclaimer... A Santana is not a D90 or Defender nor am I trying to influence anyone otherwise, lol.) My TR7s and TR8 are my 2 lane mountain highway clear my head cars. They are a lot of fun to drive.

Of all of them, I enjoy the 98 D1 the most. It crosses over enough interests, just enough.

I also have a company car.

Aside from the company car, none of them get enough run time but I cant let any of them go. Mice are my biggest enemies.

I know I need to liquidate but none of them are greatly valuable. Aside from the Canyon my investment in them isnt significant. The Canyon is a must keep due to the long trip reliability needs. They are all relatively insignificantly costly to own and for what I could cash them out for (except the Canyon) wouldn’t have much financial benefit. So, I’m just going to be impractical and keep them all while doing my best to avoid the urge to add anymore.

Im less than 2 years from early retirement. Hopefully, that will help. Well, until I start a new career direction.
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It is comforting to read these posts...I have had mixed feeling about my restored ‘92 ROW (RHD) 110 since getting it last November, but am enjoying it. Hearing negative statements from my family definitely makes it tough, but I can handle that. The things I’ve learned this past year are more than I can list. Unfortunately I have a long list of things to address lol (leaks, upgrades mainly), all in due time. I have thought about an engine swap and galvy frame, but not for a few years. The 200tdi is solid and having a few luxuries (power windows, heated seats, AC and rear camera) does help. I have fixed just about every place that water enters from rain and put down some sound insulation on the floors so that also helps. I will hold onto my ‘04 Land Cruiser since it is paid off and a perfect family vehicle. I just hope that one day my 110 will be as reliable as I want it to be for long trips...fingers crossed lol. Best of luck on your decision RB.


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Maybe I should sell mine, and buy this?



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Mice are my biggest enemies.
Oh how true!!

During the mice season especially in the Winter all heated garaged vehicles have hoods open and the garage lights are on at night. Traps also set. Outside vehicle has traps set on each tire and along the perimeter. PITA each morning before driving it, yet, worth the effort.

Same for the tractor in it’s unheated garage.

Last year the tractor won the most mice killed award.