Project Stella Rose - Cummins R2.8


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So it begins again.. A 130 this time around with East Coast Customs AKA East Coast Construction

The plan is to do another R2.8 with the upgraded 380 and Tcase from Aschroft. The engine is still a few weeks out from Quikdraw 🙏 but we figured we would get a jump on things.

Hoping not to do a frame off this time 🤪 will know better once we get into the tear down.

Few pics from the start today.


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Never drove a 2.8, so no experience. I assume from your other build you are happy with the 380. Curious, did you consider the tremec or MT82? I assume the R380 is still the least invasive and likely cost effective, just curious from someone who has been down this road. Keep the pics coming.


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Can't wait to see what you do. I am waiting for my motor and MT82 adapter plat to show up. Hopefully very soon!


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All in now.. interior almost gutted.

Now what color should we go with?


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I'm not a big fan of silver, or metallic colors in general, when it comes to Defenders. I think white is the pinnacle of all Defender colors. I do think that Land Rover does a nice job with the modern metallic greens. One of my favorites is Scotia Grey which is more of a green in my opinion. Here's a pic from google



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Nice color haven’t seen that one. I do tend to think of green when I think of old Rovers.

But found these two greys - Ornkey grey, Corris grey



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ha ok had to look it up but yes!

I’m torn our company’s colors are a red/maroon but the silver grey looks nice!
Rivermike uses a ton of colors. When choosing a color I looked at his site a lot.

When my mechanic/refurb guy called and said it was a Lamborghini color I was hoping it didn't change the price. :)

A little fitting since my truck came from Italy.


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SWEET!!! I just pulled the trigger on my R2.8 and R380. The 1.2 TC will have to wait for Christmas.
You will see me following Stella closely. What did you decide on for Radiator / IC combo?
Chad said April/May time frame, so at least the weather will be nice for the swap!
I hope you dont mind me asking silly or repeated questions as I move forward with my conversion.


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Good luck with your build! What are you putting the R2.8 into? Feel free to reach out with any questions. Uncle Doug on here is a great resource he can probably hook you up with a cooling package too.