Project Stella Rose - Cummins R2.8


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Apparently the engine kits only come with one badge now. :cry: Found this out after searching the shop for over an hour looking for the missing one.. Hopefully Chad will hook me up with another.



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OMG Chad is too funny. Both he and Kerrie have been great to deal with...I just wish I could get my engine sometime! I know it isn't them delaying it, so I have gone easy on them :cool:


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And that’s a wrap! Well sort of. Bunch of small things to address but ready for Vineyard rovers meet on Martha‘s vineyard Saturday and Sunday

Thanks to the crew at ECC Left to right. Crazy D, Justin, me, Randy the magician and FNG- Drew for all their help and patience with my nitpicking throughout the process.

I’ll post up some more pics this weekend along with some driving impressions.



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Successful trip to MV. 87 Defenders in total for the show. Next mod is to add a phone charger 🤦. Spent most of the weekend with a dead battery so not a lot of pics



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I've been looking at the 800 series--maybe the AH19490 or just the straight through(that is just the housing). They are pretty large and pretty damn expensive. But you can certainly do it. Maybe not in the fender, but you can do it and draw air from the fender...

What I would love to know are the real world restriction numbers of snorkels...
Ford Windstar Air filter enclosure should be plenty! Look them up. Then you can rig hoses to and from. That is what I'll be using eventually.