OM606 Revisited for Defender


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I love the OM606 discussion. The R2.8 seems to check off a lot of boxes but with the options that DieselPump UK has the OM606 is a very strong mechanical diesel option.

I wonder what they would charge for a kit sans engine. I am sure that would knock down the price and the shipping fee considerably.


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I wonder what they would charge for a kit sans engine. I am sure that would knock down the price and the shipping fee considerably.

It might be a good question. Like you said before get the engine here from a cheap MB or wrecking year and use their kit to make it fit a Defender. Might be able to get the numbers more competitive.

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I'm a big diesel person, also just a big person. Have owned dozens of tdi's. We have two F350 Super duty dually diesel trucks. Have had Isuzu,Perkins, Toyota, Ford, etc diesel defenders through here. Like the gas engines there is a point where you cross from great all around to street rod. Breaking all four tires loose with the blip of the throttle is cool but imo you have rendered the truck useless off road. To me its more about the sweet spot for a defender. There will always be higher output engines both gas and diesel. Both common rail and single wire have their arguments. Many single wire diesels had sorry crankcase ventilation so the damn engines leak everywhere, mercs included. Modern diesels ? Oh hell no ! Lots of armchair web experts with data sheets. I'm more a scratched up forearms, stained hands, been there done that, ruined a t shirt doing it kind of expert. After decades of dealing with both, its hard to pick a bone with current generation common rail. Minimal vibration, instant acceleration, minimal to no turbo lag, antistall when off road crawling through bolders, better economy, engine life, minimal smoke. Some even have ecu controlled turbo's where if the engine needs more boost the vane pitch is changed. Most know I hated a damn computer diesel and the potential issues one might present, thing is they really dont. When I first saw the R2.8 @ the Cummins booth @ Expo East @ the Biltmore three years ago I thought it was neat but wasnt hooked.
The engine was not yet available @ that point, even in Beta form.
I started talking to a young guy there and had a candid (we had taken a bottle of Red Breast to expo and had been tippling with all the friends we ran into) conversation about my trepidations with retro fitting a common rail into defenders. Turns out the young guy I was talking to was Stephen Sanders the engineer in charge of the R2.8 crate engine program. He spent nearly an hour with me that afternoon during a busy tradeshow, he showed me the video of the Jeep running underwater in a pond for 15 mins with an 12 foot snorkle and exhaust. I was very impressed that a computer controlled engine with stock loom etc had zero difficult fully submerged for that length of time.
He put me on his 25 engine Beta program list, and thats the story of how I got hooked.

To me, and I'm sure others will disagree, around 300 ft lbs of torque seems to be the sweet spot in a defender. The truck will pull mountain grades without downshifting but doesnt overpower the rest of the drivetrain and suspension. The rover v8's leave you wanting- lots of shifting on grades etc, for lack of torque, where the v8's make their rated torque is way up in the rpm range, a place most dont use their engines. I offroad a lot, more than most here. For me, that rules out LS power. An LS conversion is great for what 98% of owners are going to use their trucks for. Many lower their trucks to safely use what they have installed. I have wheeled with highly modified rigs with 1 ton axles and LS power and they are airborne over the stuff I just drive over. My truck is worth a whole lot more than theirs and tearing it up isnt enjoyment for me. There is a sweet spot with every platform.
Not blowing the 2.8 horn just saying modern vs ancient and more vs sweet spot should be thought process. Drive a truck like yours with the engine you are considering would be my suggestion.

For those not intimately aware presently DOT is very agressively going after light trucks, right now. I only became aware of this last week. Check Sinister diesel etc for the de-cat, egr delete etc kits that were readily available just months ago.
They are removed from the market.
Shops are being phone shopped by the feds with calls like
"hey if I bring you my truck and this egr delete kit will you install it?"
They snagged a shop in Eastern Nc recently, fined them $400k which of course shut the shop down.
This is a current initiative, like when Customs cracked down on Defenders in 2012 but have now moved on to scruitinizing other things, this is just sending a message. Cool thing is I dont have a worry in the world with what we are doing. Point is just that you don't want a sooty diesel right now.

Watching the video JT linked, while awesome sound-especially since it was filmed from a classic in front of the truck, the kid is rolling coal. That will get you pulled over by the feds today.

Kid also said he'd blown up two PUMA 2.2 diesels. Seeing how he's driving it and what he's trying to get out of his truck, a puny 2.2 was never going to meet his needs. Ea of us uses their trucks differently. I dont think there is a single engine that could sate all defender owners.
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Seemed pretty interesting what these guys ( ) are doing with the om606 so I reached out to them with a few questions.

Here is the response. Basically you get a painted engine with an upgraded turbo and pump. They will supply just the kit for $3,000 euro less. While it's exciting to listen the videos not sure I'm getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about the whole thing.

"Hi Guys – have read been reading a lot of great stuff about what you have been doing with the om606 in defenders. I'm considering dropping one into my '91 Defender 90 LHD here on the East Coast of the US. (your kits works for LHD I hope?) If possible could you provide some details on the crate engines?
Yes we can provide options for left or right hand drive

Are the crate motors new or used? If used what work is done when you say refreshed? Are there any frame, bulkhead, engine bay modifications required to install? What other items do you recommend to complete the install? What is the typical shipping/delivery time once payment is received? Who provides insurance during shipping?

Our om606’s are used, new is unavailable.

Refreshed engines do not have the heads removed, they are thoroughly cleaned/tested/painted and external moving parts replaced.

We can offer fully refurbished engines also.

Shipping/delivery normally 8 weeks from payment.

We insure during shipping up to the maximum allowable shipping value.

No bulkhead mods required on the om606 conversions.

If i were to find an engine local to me would you consider selling the kit without the motor?
Yes it would be £3000 less

Appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

We also are offering a new robust Industrial engine option very soon, it has massive torque and 4.4 litre capacity. These engines are brand new and perfect for towing or heavy loaded overland vehicles. The setup is common rail and the engine will have US support via JCB dealers.

Lots of food for thought."

Give them credit for the engine mounts and transmission adapters I'm sure that took some R&D. I'll let someone else go first and let me know how it goes ;-)


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Well this happened today:

1998 E300. Will be replacing the 200 in my 110.


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I’m still working on a way to figure out CO compliance, if possible. They are being hard on compliance...


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Out with the old...


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Here is what's going in...


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Lookin good! This update got my ass moving on my 606 project. Rounding up the boxes of parts strewn about.


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Right on... I've done a lot of research and made good connections if you need any info or help sourcing stuff. Stay away from DPUK. Lots of bad press about the quality and customer service.