New Defenders starting to show up at dealers

chris snell

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This may be the lamest thing Land Rover has ever done. Probably more lame than the Fire Festival or whatever they did in California.



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Oh, come on. They will probably traverse the most difficult malls and soccer fields of North America...the issue will be finding enough folks that can take time off soccer mom duties to compete.


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Oh boy, they're really digging here ... even have the green & yellow old-timey logo ... sheesh

I'm headed that way to pick up some hub nut washers ... amazingly the local dealer sometimes has bargain prices on small things since they absorb the shipping on them ;)

I'm sure the old 110 will confuse them.


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Losing 2 tires in row like that is just pathetic. It doesn't matter what they're connected to, the tall wheels/short tires render it useless. The 18" steelies should help. I run 18" alloys on an LR3 on rocky fireroads at school zone speeds and have had no flats. But I wouldn't reduce tire pressure in rocky terrain, especially with those tires.
I read a test of the Pretender 90 in LANDY ZONE and the pics show that it likes to keep at least one tire airborne at all times. Apparently, there is no substitute for live axels.
Eventually, I expect the Pretender won't be included in off pavement comparison tests vs Jeep, Bronco, Grenadier. Wouldn't be fair.


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Consider how entertaining it would be if one or more UK guys rebadge their Grenadier as Defender and park it outside JLR HQ.


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I wonder how the new Defenders are selling -- I have seen a few while traveling on the highways in MA, CT and NJ, as well as two locally. I also wonder how the 90 vs the 110 is doing sales-wise. Local dealer had two 90's and two 110's for a while (like 6 months) but now both 90's are gone and I think they have one 110 in stock now. While not a purists Defender, I imagine the $90K Trophy Edition will sell out quickly.


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WTF? JLR have completely lost the narrative.