NAS-ROW Update

chris snell

Callsign: NW5W
Staff member
Hi Everybody,

Our cloud provider has notified me that they will be decommissioning the area of the data center where our servers currently live. We don’t have to move the servers immediately but much like motors, servers age and eventually need to be rebuilt or replaced. I’m going to take this opportunity to give our site a performance bump and move it out of its West Coast home and into a location that’s more in the geographic (network-wise) center of our userbase.

And with this, we need your help. NAS-ROW is a free and non-commercial site but it’s by no means “free beer”. Dave and I have been paying out of our own pocket for the servers, file storage space, DNS, offsite backups, domain registration, and the yearly Xenforo license extensions. We’ve done this for years and while we’ve had a fundraising drive on the sister site (Discoweb) a three or four years back and a few have chipped in privately, we’ve never asked for any help here.

If you like NAS-ROW and value the fast site that has zero advertisements, zero tracking cookies, and will never, ever sell your personal information, perhaps you could chip in a few bucks to help with the expenses. This isn’t mandatory and we’re not selling “premium memberships” like that other site. This is more of a “pass the hat to chip in for the keg” kind of deal.

For anybody that donates $50 or more, please send me your address and I will mail you some of the sweet, old school, made-once-and-never-going-to-get-made-again DiscoWeb oval stickers.

Anything is appreciated. You can send them via PayPal to (PM me for address). I have Venmo, too. If you prefer that, just PM me.

Thanks, y’all.

Chris and Dave