NAS-ROW Update

chris snell

Callsign: NW5W
Staff member
Thanks to all of you who donated. We sincerely appreciate it. I haven't forgotten about your stickers; I am heading to the desert for the week and will get them out when I return. I will post up a list of names that sent me their address; if you donated $50 or more and didn't send an address, you can still send it to me.

chris snell

Callsign: NW5W
Staff member
Hey Y'all,

On behalf of Dave, Scott, Jim, and myself, I want to sincerely thank everybody that donated to our pass-the-hat for the DWeb server. We were able to raise close to two years of hosting costs, which is incredible.

I'm back from my Arizona desert Rover trip and putting together DWeb stickers for those that donated $50 or more. Many of you sent me your addresses but I'm still missing a few. If you see your name here, PM me soon with your mailing address and I'll get yours out. If I somehow miss you and you didn't get the stickers you're expecting, just PM me and I'll get them to you. It's been a challenge to organize addresses between Paypal, Venmo, PMs, and email.

I am missing addresses from the following:

M. Foster

D. Bunnell

B. Chase

E. Sousa

K. Armstrong

A. Clater

P. McGrew

T. McCarthy

G. Falcone

N. Capriotti

D. Esfahani

K. Reese

J. Villani

W. Adams

J. Cheney

Baumers Heating & Air

W. Raymond