LS into 1987 EXMOD 110


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My 110 is back on the road and it's awesome! I couldn't be happier so far. Tons of power, I can actually pull into traffic and drive on county roads without impeding traffic. Power steering is amazing and makes a huge difference. All that and it sounds cool!

All in, I've got about $6K into this swap, the biggest expense was the adapters and mounts. Not bad.
It's not as refined as my old 97 NAS 90. The NV4500 is a great standard transmission but it's a heavy duty truck tranny. It shifts like a truck and it takes some getting used to.

I haven't got any mileage numbers yet, still on the first tank.

This swap is totally doable. If you have any fabrication skills and can wrench (or have buddies who can like me) you'll be fine. The key to keeping it reasonable is when you reach a hurdle, slow down. I tended to just throw money at the problem and ended up buying a bunch of crap I didn't need instead of spending a bit more time on researching the answer.


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It's been about 3 months and I couldn't be happier. Everything is holding up fine. Highway speeds are easily maintained. No overheating issues. Minor repairs as things loosened up a bit but nothing serious. Mileage is not great, 12-14 most days but it's running very rich and needs some adjusting.

Overall, best money I've spent on the rover. I can hop in it, turn the key and go. I don't have to check to see how big the puddle is underneath it before I leave the garage or carry a milk crate with extra fluids with me. I would feel completely comfortable driving this thing to Florida. Spares are everywhere so no need to carry too much. I think I carry a fan belt and some hose clamps currently which is much better than the crate I had for my 2.5na.

Shifting is much smoother now that I've learned what it likes and things have broken in. No issues there.


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I drove the truck 260 miles to Portland and back. On the way I had a plug wire go bad but was able to roll into a local auto parts store and pick up a new one. Took about 15 minutes.

I was getting about 16 MPG on the highway and that's not great but again, this wasn't about MPG. Cruises at 80 without a problem but prefers 65-70.

Overall, still happy with the swap!



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I sold mine for $1200 or as people on the other forum pointed out, I sold the tranny and transfer case and threw the engine in for free!

Actually, I put it on eBay with a starting bid of $500. At the time there was a completely rebuilt 19J on eBay for a $5k BIN!!! It got a dozen bids and the winner also wanted the radiator, air cleaner, engine mounts and any other component I could unbolt or cut off the frame. Here is the video I posted in the ad. Good luck!
That 19j has been on eBay for at least 3 years. The one with some "small crack in something that doesn't affect anything". I guess we can all dream, but it would take a newborn sucker to buy that thing IMHO.