It's time to play... Name That Part!


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I found this mystery part in an unmarked plastic bag in my seat box - apparently a gift from the previous owner. Any idea what it is? Steel surround with a bonded rubber bushing in the middle. 3" in diameter.



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Instead of starting a new thread with a similar name.. What about using this as a catch all for this type of thing..

I took this part off of my 200tdi when I stripped it to rebuild it, I prepped it, painted it.. let it sit for 5 months.. and now I cannot remember what it goes to or where it goes in reassembly. (my photos are corrupt so I cannot access those either.) Any help?
21-05-04 10-24-59 4036.jpg


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I'm impressed.. that was a short round of "guess this part" Thank you, and yes it was from a Disco. My 2.5 NA, although cool sounding wasn't enough ooooomph to get out of its own way.. so I put a disco 200tdi in it.

Thank you, I was shaking my head curious what that was for, I had thought waste gate but I haven't installed that yet.

I looked up that PN and that is definitely it. Thank you.



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Glad to hear it. I almost gave up after I couldn't locate it on the Defender 200, but figured I'd give it another shot