GM 292 Straight 6 - Yet another conversion


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Not sure weather to report or thank you. Lets go with thanks!
Really nice of you to put that together!

We have the prototype process underway for the ancillary items.
Shown is the LHD setup for the PS Pump, AC compressor, and alternator.
The RHD was completed a few months ago.
Get a few hrs here and a few hrs there to work on these new projects, often when you should be sleeping.


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292 kit updates:
Adapter castings are due out of the foundry on 7/19.
Mounts for the PS pump, alternator, and AC compressor have been prototyped and will go to production ASAP.
Metal motor mounts for the engine to 4 cylinder frame are being produced.
Metal mounts for engine to V8 frame are going to production as soon as the 4 cylinder mounts are finished.

Hoping to have kits available in August.
No prices yet.
First production run will be 6 LHD and 6 RHD kits with or without AC for the 292.

Kits do not include an engine, but if you need an engine we could likely source one.
There is a local rebuilder that will completely remanufacture a 292 for $1,700.

Next we'll prototype the motor mounts and ancillary mounts for the 230 and 250 engines.

For those of you that have not read the entire thread, the kits will allow you to bolt a Chevy 292 inline 6 cylinder engine into a pre 300TDI Defender or V8 defender without any cutting or welding.
No changes to frame mounts, driveshafts, transmission, gauges, and so on.
We did an engine swap in a weekend.
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Adapters castings shipping from foundry on Monday, 7/22/19.
They need to be machined into a finished product.
Those of you on the waiting list for kits should locate an engine if you haven't done so already.
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