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Would these be a good upgrade for a Series 3? I'm going to be starting a frame-up build this summer, and having bright lamps would be a nice way to finish. If that's the case, I'd be happy to take them. Let me know the details you need. Thanks!
Unfortunately the H4 lights are spoken for. I believe he's actually putting them on a S3 109"

Another item as I dig out of "the box"... anybody want a LoJack? I can't sell it due to its age and not knowing if it works, but I don't see why it wouldn't. It was removed from a jeep I sold recently (installed by a jeep dealer before I bought it in ~2000) . If you have any issues activating it, I'm the last known owner so there should be no issue if you need me to "release" ownership, etc.


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LR3 original spare, had rust but wirewheeled and POR15'ed it. If anybody wants it I guess its better than not having one? Shipping would be probably be prohibitive, but I'm willing to stick a label on it if you send me one. Tire appears to have almost zero miles. I'd personally toss the wheel. (Philly 'burbs)





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chicco keyfit 30 car seat base, technically it expires at the end of 2021 but otherwise gently used. (Philly area, ship on your dime or meet within a reasonable distance)


sorry for the photo that looks like it was taken with a potato, here's a better one

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