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D1 amber side marker housing only. No cracks but dirty.

LR3 brake sensor (front I believe, part SEM000024) NIB.

OEM rear of console, cigarette lighter + aux port. Removed to install LRBT-1.

all free, you pay shipping or send me a label to use (outgoing zip is 19038)

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I could use two pairs of the amber lenses if they’ll fit a series.
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Still have the wingtop grill and LR3 OEM back of console, aux/cig lighter thing. Adding a set of Defender sun visors. Don't get excited, they look fine, but they fall constantly. I'm sure this is fixable and its better than no/broken visors.





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I’m trying to reduce clutter in my life and eliminate most Land Rover hoarding before we embark on our next move.

This is the first batch of some free stuff that I’m giving away. I WILL NOT SHIP THIS STUFF. Come to Carlisle, PA and pick it up if you want it.

I have some axles. A Rovertracks long-side axle (can’t find his friend), and a bunch of stock axles. I also have a panhard arm and a drag link. Maybe some other stuff here.


Did I mention that I won’t ship this stuff?


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set of 7" H4 conversion headlamps (H4 bulbs in there but I'm pretty sure they don't match) just pay shipping from 19038



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Would these be a good upgrade for a Series 3? I'm going to be starting a frame-up build this summer, and having bright lamps would be a nice way to finish. If that's the case, I'd be happy to take them. Let me know the details you need. Thanks!