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The description is hilarious unless you are gullible enough to believe it.

Located in Los Angeles

Land Rover Defender V8. Unique classic that is getting more and more difficult to find. Looks/feels/drives like a tank. Has stacks of records.

Roof can be removed for an open convertible for the summer
Just Upgraded with motor work, new AC and Power Steering by Aventura Motors in Southampton, NY after being imported from Montreal after being used in the movie “Taking Lives” in Montreal..

New Brakes and water pump. Recently serviced, big V8 can pull your house around the block.


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I purchased some used parts from this guy a while back and saw this rig in the build stage and I can say that it is done very well. An impressive vehicle and built great. He has a impressive attention to detail.


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If you do a search for "Rover" in the Bend, Oregon, Craigs List, you come up with some interesting parts for sale.

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Not a Defender but think of the fun you could have and trouble you could get in with this.

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These are built about 40 minutes away from US. That facility is shared by Twisted
We have been given tours of the facilty a couple times, very cool place They have an off road version of the Atom that looks very capable and crazy fast. The different engines they put in these and the crazy horsepower to weight ratios make these a very intense ride. The facility is just a few miles from VIR racetrack where they test them.


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"uprated" series 3


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"uprated" series 3

Imported one of those for Derek Chase @ Green Mountain Rovers. Wonder if its the same truck. He had to go through
ATF to get advance approval.