Complete 200TDI drivetrain: Engine Trans Tcase


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Time has come to sell my entire drivetrain, its being replaced with a newly built 2.8L TDI im making. This setup has powered my truck for about 10 years, total mileage is unknown but, it’s a TON of miles. Engine has seen two rebuild over that time, once for a bearing failure Eight years back and one just because it was out to do a clutch.

You get in this package:

200TDI defender spec engine

LT77 Trans

LT230 Transfer case

3in Stainless Steel full custom exhaust for a 110

All linkages , nuts bolts and stuff

This is a complete drop in unit ready to go. Combo can do 70mph ALL DAY please see video below.


  • Engine
  • ~140k since last full rebuild (all bearings gaskets and re-hone standard size with rings) NO ridge on Cylinder wall with factory crosshatching still visible
  • 3.1KW Robert starter
  • 130 HD valeo clutch
  • 100Amp Bosch alt
  • 40K old injector tips and testing
  • Boost pin
  • Tweaked and advanced injection pump
  • Grimmspeed manual boost controller set at 18PSI
  • MLS late style head gasket
  • 40k old Recon head
  • Cone Air filter on turbo with splashguard
  • 40k old Timing belt
  • 40k old Genuine lift pump
  • 40k old Water pump
  • VDO water temp sensor
  • Block heater
  • Rewired and taped engine harness with upgraded 8g charge circuit
  • Manifold drilled for VDO EGT sensor , adapter included
  • VW hardened lash caps
  • Have run 15w40 Rotella for a decade
  • No PS pump but will include all brackets
  • Valve cover leaks oil
  • Rear main leaks oil
  • Various other oil leaks
  • Sump is banged up but good
  • Exhaust
  • 3in 304 Stainless Steel 16gauge all tig welded
  • Two flex couplings , no mufflers
  • All Vband – no gaskets required
  • Side exit in body
  • Could be shortened for a 90 or made into non-body exit easily
  • A work of ART and sounds great
  • Keeps EGTs super low
  • Stock turb on engine has been adapted
  • LT230 Transfer case
  • 1.4 ratio
  • Serial # 22D072106C
  • Quiet and works flawlessly
  • Input splines are perfect and square
  • 40k old Timken output roller bearings both sides
  • No speedo drive
  • Leaks like they all do
  • Comes with lt77 style shift linkages
  • LT77 Transmission
  • Serial: 50A0009334D
  • Output/input splines are perfect
  • New derlin shift cup
  • Comes with shift tower and shifter (not pictured)
  • Notchy when cold but works well , clean oil
  • Have run Synchromax or MTL for ten years
  • Minimal leaks
Id like to sell this as a complete package. Shipping is on you and the exhaust largest section is over 8 feet long. I can pallet it or crate for a fee if you need, pickup preferred can load for you. Ill part it out only if I can sell everything except for the trans, figure it out with your buddies.

PM or post for more info


This video was taken in September at 106 degrees ambient temp.



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It would be an open pallet from 95008 to you . Standard pallet but obviously with that tall exhaust piece sticking up. I don't have a forklift here but do have an engine crane and a gantry crane. So liftgate probably required.

Total package is going to be around 800lbs on a standard 48x40 pallet.

I'd suggest uship or similar for quotes. Can't do greyhound or fastenal due to the exhaust.
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I'd be interested in the complete custom exhaust piping & will take the complication out of shipping because I'm in Southern Oregon & close enough to arrange pick up when time allows. I'll offer up my current stock 200tdi 110 exhaust piping to the next lucky owner of this drivetrain & can box it up for shipping.
I'm also a little curious about the advantage of terminating the custom exhaust out the side panel...


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The outlet trim show here is a SS kitchen sink flange with the back cut off.


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I have to say that flange cutout is brilliant! The whole setup for sale sounds like such a great plug and play; I only wish I was ready for that kind of install. Alas, not yet.


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made a mistake when posting : does NOT come with the VDO sensor adapter for the egt . it is drilled and tapped