Co Western Slopes and Moab Utah Sept 10-21st

Uncle Douglas

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Going to start this thread more as a place holder for pics than anything else. Famous for never taking any but really going to make a concerted effort this time. This is just a group of friends gathering in the year of Covid to do what we all love.
Our initial/core group will be:
Capt John Rubley- NAS 90 on 35's
Kraig Mackett - R2.8 powered 90 on 35's
Peter Vollers- Classic LWB on 35's
Trey Crowther- NAS 90 on 35's
Raub Robinsion- tdi tithonus on 35's
Cabell Crowther - 5 door 110 on 255/85's
Mark Garrenton
Kip Hunsinger- no idea what he'll bring
Dave Stauffer - if he can fill his moose tag and join us

@ Moab we'll meet up with several other members of the ROAV Club
Bob Steele- RRC
Larry Michelon-RRC
Mike Boggs Sr- NAS 110
Mike McCaig- Oxford Series 1
David Short- Oxford Series 1
Short and McCaig are driving the Series 1 Oxford truck from the coast of Oregon to the NC outer Banks (sea to Sea)on the Trans America Trail.
The stop @ Moab was planned long ago as part of the now cancelled GARR and Dave and McMike are following through so that plan drove the dates for this. We'll leave Moab on Wednesday morning and head to the Telluride/Ouray area and be there till Friday, the Oxford crew will split off and head for Oklahoma. Friday we'll head to Grand Junction, Co and hang out with Bill Burke a few days, he's got some trails he wants to take us on.
Hopefully will get some pictures taken and posted for those who've never been and seen these areas.
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Hope you guys have a great trip. We're in the middle of the flat bit at the I80 / I35 intersection if you need anything while you're in the area.


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I assume you'll be in Telluride/Ouray area between Sept.14 and 18? I might - hope to be able to - stop by for a chat or a trail ride.

Uncle Douglas

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Plans are being driven by Oxfords schedule. Present plan is to leave Moab the morning of the 16th headed over to that area. We'll be traveling with with Dave and Mike in Oxford and think that rig has a top speed of 45 or so. We plan to do whatever that truck can do Wednesday (theres an email string where they are concerned about taking it up Ophir and down Blackbear ). Wednesday & Thursday night we'll be @ KOA Ouray. Thursday Oxford heads to Oklahoma and we'll be wheeling, most trucks have an empty seat, including Kraigs Cummins 2.8 powered 90. Friday we'll be @ Ouray but likely move to Grand Junction late day. Plan is for Saturday with Bill on trails around Grand Junction.
Sunday Bill is throwing a party that is open to all.


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My wife and I are tired of the smoke in Reno and are loading our truck to meet up on this trip. We should be somewhere around Moab tomorrow (Sun, 9/13) and it would be great if someone could let me know where we might On next with the group. We’re bringing camping stuff, but Leigh Anne would prefer a hotel if most people are staying in a “central” location.
Mike Foster


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Someone just clued me in to this thread. I'm already on my way to Moab from Ohio. Drove out in my 300tdi 87. Currently we're in Fairplay, and hitting up Mosquito, the Alpine loop, and Gateway before arriving in Moab on Wednesday. Sounds like this group will be out of there by then though? I'm staying in Moab 2-3 nights
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