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I am currently using a Cabella's Directors Chair but am exploring something more compact and more comfortable. What are you using?



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The tough part about camping is space constraints in a 90. Camp chairs have to have cup holders to.

I use Coleman oversized chairs. A recliner type would be great to... but bulkier


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We got 2 of the GCI Pico chairs about 8 years back. Best combination of comfort and small size I've come across:

Very sturdy, very well made, comfortable, doesn't cut off leg circulation across the front, folds down small
Could have higher backs for longer sits, you have to be careful about dirt/sand ingress into sliding frames, you have to take 2 minutes the first time to figure out how to unfold/fold. (my wife has never had the patience ;-)


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I think the Front Runner Expander and GCI copy of it are the best of the compromise between comfort, size and versatility. I don't like chairs that are all comfort, but not good at pulling up to a table for dining or working.


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X2 Kermit but Doug?s right, it?s a hand made item and while sturdy they are pretty thin.. they do make a wide and I think beefier version.
I like the fact I can keep it in the truck behind the seat with the extended legs for tables.

We also have 2 of the front runner chairs, they are good too.


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Does the Kermit chair need the leg extensions to sit high enough at a table to eat? It looks a bit short.
I'm also considering the Frontrunner chair.
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I have had a pair of these for a few years now. They are very comfortable and have held up well.
I was going to recommend these since I borrowed them from Meatblanket 4 years ago. They were so good, I bought a set for my sister and bro-in-law.

But yes, they are awesome. Glad to hear they are still going strong after the AWD Cherocar adventure.