Camel Trophy Brush Guards


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Still at powder, custom boxes have been assembled.

If you have ordered one I will be messaging you in the coming weeks for your shipping address and once I receive your shipping cost will send an invoice when they are prepared to ship.

Please PM me if you have further questions, thank you.


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I installed my brush guard, very happy with it! I managed to find a used Husky bumper from someone in the UK and begged them to ship it over for me and bought a rebuilt Husky from Goodwinch in the UK to complete the look.

Photo Apr 20 2023, 6 23 29 PM.jpg

Photo Apr 20 2023, 6 23 34 PM.jpg


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I hope I never have to remove my winch again. Installing a Husky has to be one of the most pain in the ass jobs I’ve done on a Land Rover


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Sold, I am holding onto one more for someone if that falls through I will repost.

Thanks everyone, I am glad we had the opportunity to get these to a few people.