'86 Tithonus :: 1986 Land Rover Defender 110 2 Door


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Wanted to update my truck build on this site as I'm cutting the cord over at DSource. Started as a ex-MOD Tithonus with a couple of mods in 2016. Have since made it faster, more reliable, more comfortable, and cooler looking. It's coming along. I've attached some before & after pics.

- OEM NAS Brush Guard
- OEM 93/94 Front bumper with Truck-Lite indicators
- Masai Swing away Heavy Duty Tire carrier for drop down tailgate
- NAS-Style Rear Step Bumper
- SDO Custom “Tithonus” LR Rear badge
- Mud Stuff Blind Spot Mirrors
- Rovers North (Proline) NAS-Style Side Steps
- Pro Comp 235/85/R16 A/T Sport Tires (BFG KO Tire on Freestyle Wheel on rear, Old MOD tire & rim on Bonnet)
- OEM LR Hard Shell Rear tire cover (Rhino)
- Gas Tank Skid Guard
- Raptor Liner entire exterior in Marine Blue/ Black
- Media blast & Powdercoat Brush guard and checker plating on bonnet

- Knightsbridge Overland Tactical Seat covers (Black with Grey piping)
- Marine grade front & rear speakers
- Raptor Binnacle and Mount
- NAS Door Cards
- NAS Steering Wheel re-covered in Leather (Wheelskins)
- Tithonus Roll Cage Alpine Bows
- SDO Custom “Tithonus badge” keychains
- Deluxe Tuffy Locking Center Console with CD Player & Aux Input
- MUD Stuff Defender Center Dash Console
- OEM Tunnel Cover Matting with Rattletrap underneath
- VDO Gauges (Speedo, Fuel, Oil Temp, Tach, Oil PX, Coolant Temp, Volt)
- Blade Fuse Conversion
- Lock and Fold forward facing Exmoor Trim rear seats.
- Soundproof Seat box & doors with Mesa Mat
- Atlantic British Half Door-Top Storage Bag
- Atlantic British Quick Nuts for 1/2 Door Tops
- New Dim/Dip Switch
- EPCO Custom Transmission and T-Case shift knobs

- Engine Swap:
- 3.5 V8 overhauled by Foley with 14CUX (similar to the drivetrain in a 1990 Disco)
- R380 Stumpy with new tunnel/floorpanels
- LT230 1.2 with new seals (only 28k miles)
- Used r380/Lt230 difflock shifter purchase from Congleton Service
- New Magnaflow Stainless Steel Exhaust (Cat Converter, New O2 sensors & Muffler)
- New Radiator, hoses & belts
- New Alternator
- New Cooling Fan Clutch
- New K&N air filter
- Power Steering (new pump & refurbished steering Box)
- New Clutch & Slave components
- New Fuel Tank & cradle
- New High Pressure Fuel Pump & 5/16 steel fuel line material
- RRC rear axle with disc brakes
- New rear shaft (lengthened and new U joints)
- New D1 front 26 inch shaft with new U joints
- Slickshift
- New British Starters v8 Starter
- New Thermostat
- New Windshield Washer pump

Need to Install
- Dual action dropdown/swing away tailgate from Purely Metal
- Hella Optilux Xenon White LED bulbs
- TD5 style coin holder ashtray
- MudUK Soft pull door handles
- MudUK Sun Visor covers
- Garrison Outfitters Anti-Rattle for 1/2 Door Tops



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Did you really spray bed liner over your entire 110?
I did. I knew it wouldn’t be be popular with a lot of people but I really like how it turned out. I didn’t have 10k for a respray and it looks good from 10 feet. Plus it’s really durable, helps with rust and actually made it a little quieter inside. I can always get it off later, even though I’m sure it’ll be a pain.


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It looked better with the military green paint.
have you ever tried to clean mud or dirt off bed liner? It will look “okay” for a few months but will look like crap after very long.
Even worse, have you ever tried to remove bed liner?
I guess if YOU like it, that’s all that matters.