4.0 Holley Sniper ER Kit

Banana Bob

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Has anyone knowledge and or experience w/Holley Sniper ER Kit on a 4.0 and what manifold set up? Greatly appreciated. Best regards.

Uncle Douglas

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Never heard of the Sniper ER but I'm not up to speed on Holly's offerings.

A 4.0 is a bit different than the 3.5, 3.9, 4.2 engines in that there is no provison for a distributor drive. The engine is designed so that ignition is provided through the same ecu handling the injection. If you installed a edlebrock manifold and the normal sniper throttle body setup you would need to come up with some form of ignition. The gems front cover has a buss where a distributor could go, dont know anyone who's opened one up and done it.