1983 Crew Cab 110


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realized I don’t have a build on here , so I figured I’d start one as I’m doing a bunch of stuff.
? is there any easy way to move the info from that other site?

Truck from a few years ago.



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Adding power locks in my quest to modernize

I didn’t want to do all the work, for a $50 kit from eBay, so I bought the kit for the wiring and remotes and bought all the door parts from LR. $$ really added up though. I also really didn’t want to hack the doors for the cheap ass lock actuators.

also sprung for some new door handles. Ignore the paint, they’re just test fitted.



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Who makes those door handles? I've been looking at different sets and would love to know how you like them.

The question that I was referring to was just how to move the thread from there to here. When I cross posted in the past, I had to copy every single individual post--it was a pain. I'd love to know too.


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Exmoor trim makes the handles.
I only put one on the truck and it seems really solid, sounds stupid but it has a much better feel
Pricey, but the LR plastic ones were going to be over $200 anyway


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Trucks getting painted in the fall, but I didn’t want to wait to put in the new masai window. Got some color coded spray paint and 2k clear and kind of cut it in so it will be easier to tape and paint later.