WTT: 109 2a for RRC


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Throwing it out there-

Anyone have a RRC that they want to trade for a straight, unrestored, unmolested 1966 Series 2a 109? If so, let's chat.

Open to 2 and 4 door. Prefer unmodified trucks.

I'm located in Central NC. Thanks.

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Outright sale of the truck is pending.

Thank you to all who have shown interest in a trade. If I have been interested in your trade, I have been in active communication with you. If the sale doesn’t finalize, I will be in touch.


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All: thanks for your interest in a trade. After a lot of thought and looking at a few trucks, I've decided to not trade. I'll either be selling the 2a 109 later this spring or holding onto it to restore in a year or so. I've been enjoying driving it a lot lately and chipping away at the to-do list of items. If you are interested in buying an unrestored 1966 Series 2a 109, lets chat.


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