WTB Defender 90 Soft Top

I'm looking for a NAS Defender 90 soft top to daily drive. I would prefer a '97 for the transmission; however, I'm open to a '94 and '95 as well.

I would like AC even through I realize it probably doesn’t do much, but I plan to daily drive in Texas.

I'm following several sites, instagram, and familiar with the eBay listings and repeat listings.

****In addition, I would also consider a NAS/ROW Defender “restomod” as well.

Please PM if you have one that you are interested in selling. I'm located in Dallas/Ft Worth, but travel and shipping is not a problem for the right one.

Thanks, Evan
I didn’t include a budget because I realize these are all in various stages of condition and for the right one, I didn’t want to limit my options.

With that being said, I’m aware of the $90K+ trucks that have been listed on various sites and sitting for months. Recently, I think we’ve also seen some emotional bidding/buying on BaT as well.

I hope this makes sense - thanks for asking
An update - I forgot to post that I found a '94 NAS D90 with 75K miles and new Badger top in August. The PPI was clean and it has exceeded my expectations. I feel lucky to finally be an owner after all these years and very fortunate to split daily drive time between the D90 and my '97C2S.