WTB 1997 NAS SW Defender 90


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Already have a soft top, thanks. Looking for a SW
Are you interested in swapping the soft top for a station wagon or do you want to have one of each? I only ask because I have a 97 Arles Station Wagon but might like a soft top


Bump to the top.,,I am back to looking for a SW….I’ll be keeping my ST…I want a good driver…..97 preferably…

Dan kemper

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Callsign: KK6ECF
I have an Arles Blue 97 with low mileage 4.6, new Ashcroft transfer case with atb, lockers etc and a full safety devices exo cage, e moor fri t facing flip up in rear with inertia seatbelts etc. It is a driver. Texas and California rig but currently needs to be buttoned back up as I am refurbishing exterior (re powder coating cage, repainting roof etc. Very little corrosion. It is a fast 90 with 1.4 case and 4.6 After I clean it up I am looking for 70k
Firm in price. I have a nas 110 that is my forever rig. Pm if interested.


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I’d think the 1.4 tcase is holding you back at highway speeds but agree it’s probably a little quicker of the line.