Winter Romp 2018


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1. Never buy a Harbor Freight winch. I saw one shit the bed after five seconds of pulling an 88. The other one I saw might have killed a guy if we hadn't called a safety stop and pulled its oblivious owner away from standing next to the steel cable while it was under load. These pieces of crap have the most useless hook imaginable on the end of their fraying steel cables: you can't get it around a shackle, you can't get it around a proper tree strap, and you can't easily remove the hook from the eyelet because it's secured with a pin and a crummy, rusty, mild steel cotter pin. Hope you have a pair of pliers handy when it's time to do that first winch. I wonder how many people are killed by HF winches every year...
A 15 year old Harbor Freight winch saved 3 guys from walking back to Bruce?s house at 2am one year at romp. :) The HF winches have been just as reliable as the warn winches that we use. Just like every other winch, you can put what ever cable or synthetic line and hooks on them that you want. :)


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We are at 7" of snow and counting -- I'm going to have a winter romp just trying to get down the 600' hill we live on.

Pics, Chris?