Where is the oil from


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Situation I noticed today. 1988 ROW RHD Defender 90, 19j, LT77
I spent the weekend, workin on interior electics, was buttoning those up. Started the 19j...had to jump it, as getting interior lights and switches working drained the battery. When I started it, it sounded "rougher than normal" and plumes of smoke. The 19J has almost 172K miles on it (cummins R2.8 has been on order). The smoke seemed much more prevalent today, and I noticed a new drip on the driveway....from the frame rail by the clutch slave cylinder. I popped the hood to have a look, I. noticed oily soot under my heater, as well as on the intake manifold. My first guess was a loose clamp from the turbo exhaust to the exhaust pipe. I tried to tighten it...but it would spin...(I thought the bolt was going to shear). I backed off the nut...and the bolt was stripped.

Here is my question.. pics for detail....
I am assuming thaty the stripped bolt has created an exhaust leak.
I realize its a diesel, but should the exhaust from the turbo be this oily?
I am not over concerned, as I have a new engine on order...but should I be concerned about continuing to drive.....
Is the issue turbo related, rings, or head (valves) related?
I plan to sell the 19J, LT77 and R230 once my rebuild/conversion is complete - I would like to provide some level of insight to the buyer.
I considered keeping the engine, to rebuild myself.....but I am pretty sure I will be spoiled beyond the point of ever returning to the 19J.

Any thought or considerations would be appreciated.
I still love driving my Defender - and I would like to continue to prior to the R2.8 arriving. ....but I dont want to end up having to tow it back home.


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Very hard to tell what it's actually related to your best bet is to remove the exhaust elbow if you can from the turbo and inspect the turbine side impeller. If it's covered in oil most likely the turbo seal on the exhaust side has failed.

It is common for the exhaust to be oily slightly but definitely not at this extent.

That exhaust joint is notorious for leaking You can replace the bolts and nut with anything grade 8 from the hardware store.


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I wouldn't worry about it too much if you have an R2.8 on the way. You won't get much for that engine, or driveline anyway. As more people pull perfectly fine 200tdi's the value of 19Js are pretty low and notoriously smokey.


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I came across this old post. I figured that I would provide some closure to it. I am still waiting on my R2.8, but rumor has it arriving early October. The original issue I posted wasnt oil at all, but diesel from the turbo. A little searching and I stumbled on the possibility of the boost diaphragm. The tell-tale sign was the pressurizing of the fuel tank...and (luckily) only minor overrun of the engine. I ordered the diaphragm, replaced it and the engine ran a whole lot better... I was finally able to drive on the freeway! The engine still smokes, but I'm pretty sure that is the age of the engine.