Wheel bearing advice


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Few questions:

1. Are the wheel bearings pretty standard? I bought a full set but cannot seem to locate different part numbers for different axles.

2. Anything else I should plan on refreshing (going to do the drive flange seals while I am at it). Would rather not do the job twice



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You need timken or equivalent set37 bearings. Two per wheel.

Ftc4785 is the hub seal...one per wheel

You can use a paper gasket for the drive flange seal or sealant


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I need to do brakes as well, seems like logical timing.

Discs all around, believe 24 spline.

Best prices around?


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Best price or best service? Best price, google search that.
Best service, Zack @ Rovers North. If you need to return something or it is defective RN takes care of it easy peasy.


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Thanks to Jim C we got these done in a few hours while he moved Mount Land Rover around his driveway. Found the seals had been improperly installed causing water ingress (needed to be 4mm deep, they had been installed flush). Brakes where fine so we put them back in. Wiggle on the tire was gone (finally).

Also that drive flange is a great all in one tool for fitting wheel bearings!

Need to do the rear brakes for sure (felt a lip on the rotors) but those are the easy bit.
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LR Max

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Its easy to do the brake rotors while you are in there. Check the bearmach youtube page for some ideas on best way to pull the rotors off.


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Edit : a brass drift will help you install without damaging the races
Yup. If you don't have a press, this is essential. I got one at Harbor Freight, but they don't seem to carry them anymore. Something like this: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Mayhew-1-2-in-Knurled-Brass-Drift-Punch-9M25076/302610240

I always just bought a few Timkens locally.

Brake rotors are heavy; the first time I changed mine I called up RN, but the shipping cross-country was ridiculous. I ended up having a local auto parts store get some Brembos from the local warehouse. Of course that was a long time ago, and Amazon Prime changes the whole shipping equation.