What Radio Head Unit / Receiver are you using?


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here is a early photo of installation. Paid about $300. I’d get it again, but I wanted Nav and mounting an IPad wasn’t as graceful.

I've been thinking about the iPad idea myself for NAV, streaming music, etc.). I was thinking a simple set-up using magnetic mounts. If it works as envisioned it should just look like it is floating in front of the dash, would think it would be pretty graceful and minimalist myself..

(But I don't have/want the center switch console you have, just the stock NAS dash)

These are some photos of me just goofing around with the idea in the driveway one day with my wife's iPad (don't tell her 🤫). Is a 9.7", and I'd choose black over the white for the Defender, but gives you an idea what I was thinking..


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