VDO Speedo not working.


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Along with a other gauges I installed a new VDO electronic Speedo p/n 437-151. Well it won't work. First thing, the install instructions say that when the indicator is first powered up it does a self test and the gauge needle will sweep across the whole range. That doesn't happen. When the gauge is powered up it reads 0.0 in the odometer space and the needle bounces a bit. When driving the needle is parked at zero. I installed a hall effect transmitter in the transferase p/n YBE100530. not sure about it. I odrede if off Amazon and it came from china. Quality is suspect.
I did call VDO technical support, they won't answer the phone or reply to my message so they are no help.
I have triple checked the wiring. its getting power, and the ground is great.
Any suggestions?


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It has been a few years since I installed mine. If I recall correctly the VDO wiring diagram wasn't quite right and two wires had to be swapped to make mine work. Search thru the VDO gauge guide thread. I think the answer is in there.


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1) Tell us exact how it is wired in as much detail as possible.

2) Check that the female square drive is not too large for the square male sender.... Certain transfer case speedo drives are too large and you need to make a larger male end....

3) Have you done a calibration or set the pulse rate? They won't do anything until that happens.


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The senders pins are labelled. Remove the electrical connector. Look inside the sender at the pins and find the labels. Make sure they match the way you have it wired.
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