Various Parts Needed


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Please let me know if you have any of these to part with. Nothing is an emergency, but figured I'd ask before buying all new. Thanks.

  1. VDO Vision Gauges - Fuel, Water Temp, Tach (2-1/16)
  2. Center Dash Wire cover - 346786
  3. Center Armrest Console, prefer locking
  4. 2X Black XS Leather Headrest covers (2 post) for Puma style front seats (anyone know where can I get these?)
  5. E-Brake Gaitor (LHD)
  6. front door striker shims
  7. interior rear plastic window surrounds


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  1. Center Dash Wire cover - 346786 (most remove when installing MUD UK console
  2. Black XS Leather Headrest material (2 post) for Puma style front seats
  3. interior rear plastic window surrounds
  4. ROW round rear wiper switch
  5. Square dash clock
  6. most rubber/foam seals for a 90 except doors and vents


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We should have most of those parts in stock...I will gather pricing and availability for you.


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Still looking for a wire cover. Not in a huge hurry but figured I would put it out there again. Thanks.

Mine is in good shape but missing a corner.



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bump, still looking for wire cover. I do have one, but it's broken.

also possibly interested in LHD raptor binnacle for pre TD5.

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Updated 5/19 List of Needs. Nothing critical, and not in a hurry as it's all to future needs. Used is preferred for cost efficiency. 💸


  1. Center Dash Wire cover - 346786
  2. ROW rectangular rear light (just need for mock up purposes, can be cracked, without lens, etc) Black plastic shell is fine.
  3. Raptor LHD binnacle (already have metal mount from SHP)
  4. LT77 round style trans crossmember (I may make one but they seem to be pretty cheap) Do the square style fit as well?
  5. Front seat belts for use with NAS style interior SD roll bar
  6. Disco rear sway bar
  7. rear wiper switch push contact (only small green part that unscrews from bottom) Anyone know the actual lucas PN ?
6. Rear rubber genuine mat
7. possibly some rear D1 axles, my donors seem a little worn
8. Pre Puma Bonnet w/o holes in it.
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Uncle Douglas

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If you are looking for a round crossmember we have both round and rectangular that have been hdg.
Should have rear sways both dipped and au naturale