V8 Radiator with oil cooler (not copper)


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Anyone know of a part number for a radiator (which I can use with a V8) with integral oil cooler that will fit standard 110 mountings and is not copper/brass.?

Trying to find a solution for my 83 CSW which now has a Disco 4.0 V8 fitted but I need to find a rad with oil cooler that has aluminium core so it can be used with OAT coolant.




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Thanks fro the info on Ron Davis, had not come across him, thought about Allisport I know them of old. W
as hoping to find a stock L/R solution rather than anything custom but may have to go that way.
Trying to collect everything we need from the various land rover parts books to ensure easy future availability.
So far only custom part is the ecu and a short section of exhaust to join the D1 Y pipe to the down-pipes. although I will likely fit an MOD AC system if I can work out how to fit extra vents without altering the dash.
Reason for trying to stay with OAT is to increase interval of coolant changes and allow installation of CATS and piggyback stock ECU if emissions issues demand it. Seems old style IAT coolant dies not play well with CATS if you ever get any coolant leaks onto the combustion side.


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Not had that issue with any of the discos but it does happen, mostly after the throttle body heater leaks and coolant goes low or some idiot puts in incompatible coolant and head passageways get choked.
Given the cost of disco cats Vs parts for an engine rebuild probably a wash!
Had it happen on one the farm trucks (Chevy V6) where inlet manifold coolant leaks are a common problem; daughters partner put IAT in it and cats plugged up quite quickly. Inlet manifold gasket was $8, new cat $400 and then had to flush the entire cooling system several times to get the IAT out so not a very cheap or a quick repair on a 18 year old truck.


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94 and 95 Defender 90 NAS radiators have oil coolers and will fit. your specific Air con condenser configuration will dictate the need for an extended grill or not though. upper and lower Hoses will be different than the 4.0 though I think (I can take pictures of a 4.6 Gems in a 130 Tuesday give you some ideas, no oil cooler though as its not really needed.)

just food for thought.. having an integrated oil cooler means that the oil is going to be at the same temp as the coolant (195 degrees), separating oil cooling from direct contact with the radiator is going to allow it to cool better (in front of the radiator or below it as I did with my trans cooler). So it would be a better design to separate oil cooling from Engine cooling IMHO.

No idea about OAT coolant though or why its needed. Seems most states still allow the green stuff to be simply disposed of. Simple and cheap to flush.

No idea on the piggy back to the ECU.

Coolant should never get into the combustion chamber, if it does you have bigger issues with a cracked block or head gaskets, etc. on my 110 I switched to a 92 RRC motor with an auto and cats. Coolant type is the least of your worries there.

if your worried about spares, buy a couple of D2's with good engines, they aren't that expensive and probably cheaper than buying the parts peicemeal


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oh.. and you can delete the intake coolant heater easy. take off the plenum, remove the heater assembly and plug the one threaded passage to the plenum. Remove the lines, etc.

the one through screw is where it leaks normally. its a bad design, really.. since the other one does not go through into the plenum
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