US Grand Prix at COTA Tix and camping site


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We had a few folks drop out of our group and I figured I would see if anyone here wants these before I put them on the ticket broker sites.

I have:
3 GA full weekend wrist bands (including the concerts)
1 Full weekend onsite 20 X 40 campsite in Lot N (2 passes shown in picture, you get ONE. includes a tow vehicle and extra vehicle parking pass)

I am selling them as a package for what I paid for them $1,750 for the bundle. If you want more bands, they are available on the brokerage sites. There is technically no limit on the number of folks in the camp site. I will fed ex the bands and camp pass to you so you will have them in hand.

if you want more details on how ebverything works, look on the COTA website or do a search.

Let me know